Saturday, April 18, 2009


we've been very bad bloggers lately.

MDY and i are superbusy getting shit ready for the "soft launch" of our monthly "showcase" danceparty (more on that soon, promise), and frankly my trip to Sweden and the all-night Glass Candy/Simonetti/Linger & Quiet dance extravaganza (and breakneck trip up to Seattle that immediately followed) just about have me spent.

but i'm almost back at 100% and will be ripping some fresh hotness and hot freshness for your enjoyment very soon. and if i can wrestle the 808 out of Mike's hands for a few minutes maybe i can get him to let some secrets out too. cross them fingers.

stay tuned for tunes, news, and nonsense... for now, i'll leave you to ponder this slice of amazingness from 1977:

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