Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sweden forever

this one's going to have to be short and sweet - getting ready for my trip to Sweden this weekend for to work the Göteborg Tattoo Expo.

i'll be djing the convention's official afterparty at Trägårn, and maybe a set somewhere else before or after (details soon). if you're in town, come hang out!

here's two strange edits by Swedes - the first is a recent edit by Stockholm's "reactivated" Jackpot, of Czerwone Gitary, Poland's "Red Guitars". there's more from Jackpot over on Sweden's fine Service label. the second is a 1981 edit of Donna Summer's One Love by Dagur Nilsson that this blog tells us is now running Rucksack Records out of Malmö. i recently picked this one up from Juno.

Czerwone Gitary - Coda (Jackpot edit)

Hverfisgötu Disco - Forever (Dagur Nilsson re-edit)

i'll be back in Portland early next week, getting down to business on some new stuff around town. keep your ears to the ground... exciting action ahead.


Jordan said...

Rad, some Giorgio Moroder. Always great. Thanks!

Hubert Douglas said...

That's a lovely LP image you got from!

remy said...

i thought so too - isn't it wonderful where google image search can take you?

Anonymous said...

please reup this Forever (Dagur Nilsson re-edit), thanks

remy said...

send me an email to rustanddust -at- gmail, and i'll send you the track.

we're not updating this blog any further.
thanks for reading tho!