Wednesday, April 22, 2009

another lazy post?

...i guess you could say that. but its more like a "busy post". i swear i'll get to ripping some music, just after i finish the giant pile of other things i need to do.

until then, enjoy the video above for Beautiful Swimmers' "O Yea" - the B side to their now-sold out 12" on Future Times. if you're in DC Friday night, you can catch them with Tim Sweeney. you lucky dog.

and while you're watching videos on the internet, go here and see what these Vice magazine wannabes think of Nite Jewel's "Artificial Intellegence" video. they'll be playing Portland with Telepathe, Fleshtone, and Linger & Quiet on June 11th. about the same time that my plane will be landing in Cancun, Mexico. bummer right? well, i found this out after i switched my ticket so we could spin the Holocene 3 Year Anniversary with Prins Thomas on the 5th. win some, lose some!

...oh, and before i forget: there's going to be some changes 'round these parts very soon. all good things of course. we may be changing urls. we may not. but exists now, and with our party launch coming up, there will be loads of interesting shit flying from our fingertips. try and keep up, k?

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