Monday, April 27, 2009

are you ready to throw down?

if you don't already know, MONORAIL is an intergalactic express delivering the video dance show of your future, while providing a healthy dose of a past you never knew existed. your hosts Remy and Lamar create a soundtrack deep in land of disco-funk and a physical presence from deep in your dreams.

so here's the deal, we need dancers! not professional dancers, but serious party dancers. if you've ever had dreams of being a Soul Train dancer you've pretty much got the idea. we're looking for a group of 25-30 dancers to tape at the beginning of the night and stay to keep the dance floor hot for the party. don't worry, your efforts won't go unnoticed, scratch our backs and we shall definitely return the favor. 

if you still don't know what to expect, check out this video from WGPR Detroit's The Scene, Detroit group Felix & Jarvis open the show with their track "Flamethrower Rap"

Felix & Jarvis - Flamethrower Rap

to keep it Detroit, have a listen to ShareVari by A Number of Names to help get into it for Friday's "soft launch".

A Number of Names - ShareVari

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