Tuesday, March 10, 2009

currency mixtape v2

another mix of all current tracks, none older than 6 months as far as i know. i think i'm gonna make this a regular thing. its good practice...

last night, i played around with different versions of this mix for more than four hours. at the end of it, i was frustrated, my feet hurt, and what i had was unusable.

tonight, i set up and pulled this off one my first go. there's a few cringe worthy spots, but whatever.

i forgot to mention in the post with the first Currency Mixtape: these are recorded to cassette, then ripped to mp3. maybe it sounds like shit to you, but i appreciate what it does to the fidelity.... what do you think?

Remy the Restless - Currency Mixtape v2

ps: this one's dedicated to Vegas. seeya Friday, lovelies.

pps: i'm in the paper up here! check it: tinyurl.com/coolbrag


monotooth said...

I love how you share your insecurities about making your mixes and apologize for their quality. So un-dj-ish. Very emo.

This one is gooooooooooood. I esp love the first voiceover/docu-audio sequence.

Thanx for the mix.

remy said...

damnit. second time in 48 hours i've been called "emo", and for two totally different things... i'm slippin.

Anonymous said...

this mix goes perfectly with three shots of whiskey, a painkiller, and an undersexed nymphomaniac..