Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i should be packing.

i leave for Vegas tomorrow immediately after work, for one of those breakneck weekends that i seem to always organize for myself.

it includes this, which i'm pretty excited about:

come hang out and get awesome with me. i think i'll be opening and closing the night, with plenty of time for dancing, drinking and debauchery in between.

for a run-down of the rest of my weekend plans, indulge my ego here. i'm going to be blogging stuff there that doesn't belong here, so if you just can't get enough of my blather here, you know where else to be...

more news: we'll soon be welcoming a new guest contributor to the Monorail. you're gonna wanna stick around for this guy. he's got a lot of love to give, so keep your ears open and your heart free.

over & out.

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