Monday, March 9, 2009

take a chance

Amir & Kilian from Sweden's Dw just sent us over their newest creation, a collaboration with Daroc from France. hypnotic, and not just in name, and definitely hits with a bit of melancholy as well. if you know me, you know "i never heard a sad song that i didn't like"... enjoy:

Daroc feat. Dw - Hypnotic France

in other news, i'm working on the follow-up to my last Currency Mixtape this week before i take off for Vegas on Thursday. i'm spinning Friday the 13th there, at ye olde Beauty Bar. then, MDY and i will be back at the Holocene spinning March 18th with the UK's Jack Beats. after that, i promise i'll dust off some more vintage italo and disco stuff, and put together something straight-up cosmic for you all. oh, and go see the Watchmen. its righteous.

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