Monday, October 13, 2008

the show must go on

one of our French pals left us a link to this video on our facebook group page. it was too good not to share with you all.

the monorail shown is France's late Aérotrain, an ambitious monorail project that was abandoned in 1977. like most monorails, it was plagued by budget issues, a fickle public, and the whims of a few different political administrations.

the song of course is Queen's "The Show Must Go On". i couldn't possibly mention Queen without offering up a Freddie Mercury favorite of mine: Love Kills. this was Freddie's first solo track; featured italo legend Giorgio Moroder and Queen's long-time producer, Reinhold Mack behind the mixing board; and was part of the Moroder-produced soundtrack for the 1984 re-release of Fritz Lang's 1927 classic, Metropolis.
(credit goes to Red Room NW for the info, an excellent blog for classic 70s and 80s dance tracks)

Freddie Mercury - Love Kills

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