Thursday, October 9, 2008

sneak peak of the new DEEPCOVER x RESTLESS Tee

behold the new DEEPCOVER x RESTLESS Tee:

of course, that's only a digital sample - the real thing is a work of art...

click the image above to see a photo of one of the marble-printed womens' tees, hand-pulled by Jon Solo of Improperazzi.

the mens' are all a bright orange and yellow gradient print on American Apparel brown; white, navy, or marble print on a snazzy gold/white/navy blue AA jersey tee for all the ladies in the house. each one is unique.

they're available first-come, first-serve tomorrow at ///RESTLESS, following the give-away:

10 tees at 10p - 5 mens', 5 womens' - don't be late!


EDIT: the Tees are now available in the MRR SHOP in the sidebar on the right!

2 comments: said...

I have been trying to bring Glass Candy Out but have not heard from their know them or her?

remy said...

check your email - i replied there.