Wednesday, October 15, 2008

set in stone

Brooklyn three-piece, Fires of Rome, have just leaked a few remixes of their single, Set In Stone, which i caught a few months back. they'll be releasing a digital EP of the remixes on November 4th, followed by a physical CD release in January.

fellow Brooklynite, DJ Angola, kicks his remix in right away with an infectious tribal beat that continues throughout. it leaves most of the song intact, but elevates it to a versatile club track that leaves room to breathe.:

Fires of Rome - Set in Stone (DJ Angola Remix)

M83's Anthony Gonzalez morphs Set In Stone into the kind of soundtrack-worthy space-ballad that keeps this Frenchman in our ears. it has an almost Verve-like flavor to it:

Fires of Rome - Set in Stone (M83 Remix)

in contrast to DJ Angola's lighter tribal touch, and M83's cosmic wanderings, Mo Dj adopts a much more maximal approach. it is by far the most ambitious of these three, with different elements and textures weaving in and out of the complex tribal rhythm. Set in Stone's already urgent vocal track is joined by african chants and and melodies, and -wait- ....YES, that is Michelle Obama's speech from the Democratic National Convention in Denver! how timely:

Fires of Rome - Set in Stone (Mo Dj Remix)

if you're in NYC, you should catch Fires of Rome on November 6th with UK's Cazals and Detroit Techno pioneer, Kevin Saunderson:

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Nice one!

We've posted the Dada Life and Don Rimini mixes.