Sunday, October 26, 2008

caught in the act

In Flagranti appreciation post, part 1!

it should go without saying that In Flagranti's music is Not Safe For Work. ...oh, and so are their amazing videos. they've got about a billion of them on their home base at Codek, but here's a selection of personal favorites, from oldest to newest, up until the end of 2006. more current videos and tracks in a post to follow... stay tuned.

Eskapade. from 2004's Nonplusultra.

Melody Maker & Paroli. from 2005's Melody Maker.

Monarchy's Chair. from 2005's work with Freddie Mas, Teaching Children How To Swear.

Reputation Or Notoriety. from 2005's We Make Love In A House Of Glass, feat. Betty Black of Kudu. ...if you've been to our Restless parties, i'm sure you've heard this more than once!

Genital Blue Room, of the 2006 release of the same name, with Amypop on vocals.

Deceptive Secrecy & Business Acumen. from 2006's It's All Rubbish.

bonus: Business Acumen was rereleased as a 12" single by Kitsune this September, with a cover by DFA's Holy Ghost! and the following remix:

In Flagranti - Business Acumen (You Love Her Coz She's Dead alteration)

check back soon for another orgy of In Flagranti vids...

In Flagranti at Codek
In Flagranti on myspace

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Miss Toats said...


best thing since sliced bread.
i love these guys and everything they do. their 70's porn collection must be massive. they find the best stuff and make the best music

great post remy!!