Thursday, October 23, 2008

in the end its your friends

hot damn, that Jeffery Daniel can move... that's him in the beginning all by himself... i'm gonna be frank here and say that if you can't get down with that Shalamar track, you're no friend of mine.

San Serac does us one better though, and gives us his rendition of 'Friends' on a split release with Edmonton, Alberta's Shout Out Out Out just released on Nrmls Wlcm (headed by two of the fellas in S.O.O.O.).

Shout Out Out Out's track, 'In The End Its Your Friends', takes a much more cynical look at friendship, but San Serac comes back on the remix and tries to cheer it up with his signature funk touch. alternately, San Serac's 'Friends' is remixed by Paranomasiac (EDIT: who San Serac tells me is Nik 7 of S.O.O.O.) which for the first four minutes sounds like it'd fit well on a John Hughes soundtrack, before it catches on "Canada, Canada...." as the acidic synths pull in and take over.

the split just became available through Nrmls Wlcm, iTunes, and, if you're up in Canadaland, on Shout Out Out Out's mini-tour with San Serac's other project, Stereo Image, with ex-Junior Boy, Johnny Dark. Stereo Image will also have their self-titled debut in tow as well, just released on San Serac's own Frog Man Jake label. check out the tracks below to hear the kind of trouble you'll be getting into.

San Serac - Friends

San Serac - Friends (Paranomasiac remix)

Shout Out Out Out - In The End Its Your Friends

Shout Out Out Out - In The End Its Your Friends (San Serac remix)

bonus: Stereo Image on RCRDLBL

Shout Out Out Out is also taking their dual drummers and truckload of synths into NYC for a few CMJ gigs this weekend, so check them out Friday and Saturday night.

San Serac
Shout Out Out Out
Nrmls Wlcm Records

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San Serac is the fucking man!