Thursday, June 4, 2009

so much is happening!!!

first off, Prins Thomas fell ill, and is recuperating in his Fortress of Solitude in Norway. wish him well! luckily, Marcos Cabral, of NYC's Runaway, is flying in to break your mind at tomorrow night's Holocene 6th Anniversary Party with us and our friends, Linger & Quiet.

immediately after that, we'll be heading to Ascension for a three-way afterparty with some of our favorite local lovers. see the graphic above for all the info you need on that... or, you can head to OUR BRAND NEW BLOG for extensive details!

...that's right. MDY's been holed-up developing the new home for MONORAIL and Monorail Riders alike, and this blogspot will soon be going the way of the dinosaur.

we're going to try and migrate as much of the content from here to there as possible, but just to be safe, grab what you can while you can. we're not making any promises...

but like i said, there's SO MUCH going on, so i gotta run. stay tuned to our myspace, twitter, facebook and of course, MONORAILPDX.COM for all the good shit.