Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'm allowed because its my birthday (tomorrow)...

i swear we'll stop posting about Norwegians here soon... just after next Friday.

in the past couple of days, on a particular social networking site, something curious came my way. doubt i'm blowing up anyone's spot here, but at the first sign of chaffing, i'll pull this, so don't sleep.

i also don't know if its already too late... but the other day i joined this "group" called Coswax Industries and then a day later i was sent a message containing individual download links for 96 Todd Terje edits. for real!

if that well's run dry, i wouldn't want you walking away totally empty-handed, so do yourself a favor and check out this amazing edit of - no joke here - the Eagles by the fresh French edit outfit, Rove Dogs, on the lovely blog. ....i can't believe i can't stop playing it.

this post comes unusually unaccompanied by music, but with hopefully enough mystery to make you want to go see if you can't score 9.5 hours of playful, smart, space-disco-house goodness for yourself. or at least 8.5 minutes of it.

and like i said, its my birthday, so paypal me some money to blow on records. seriously. do it.

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