Tuesday, May 5, 2009

i'm a man, yes i am.

here's two tracks that are sort of old news if you've really got your finger on the trigger, but are rad nonetheless. old news because they come from last year's "Rong Music Presents Promo Only" CD, which just came in the mail for me with a few records. since i'm not about to wake the roommates ripping records all late, here's the first - an amazing hunk of spacey discofunk edited by How & Why? that had MDY and i scratching our heads yesterday. you figure it out:

How & Why - #9

next up is a choice edit of a Chicago jam from back before the Transit Authority gave them heartburn, done by NYC's Rub N Tug. those fellas are going to be playing all night in LA this Saturday - somewhere - ruining Mother's Day for anyone privileged enough to be there for it. enjoy:

Rub N Tug - Lower Beard Stays The Same

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