Sunday, May 3, 2009

everybody dance(d)

first of all, a GIANT thanks to everyone who made it out on Friday for the party - and danced their faces off - it was beyond all our expectations, by far.

we also got some really kind emails from other Portland deejays who were playing elsewhere in town and couldn't make it, and we really appreciate that too. that seriously means a lot to us.

we're very excited about the coming months, and to be living in a city that really knows how to get down.

to all of you folks, i dedicate this song - which i *think* is an edit done by Chicago's Dj Rahaan, though i can't even remember where i stumbled upon it (any info would be appreciated; thanks internets!)...

Chic - Everybody Dance (Dj Rahaan edit) (?)

if you happen to have pictures from Friday, be a peach and hook it up, please. the above picture happens to be the only decent photo we managed to take the whole night, haha...

the next MONORAIL party will be in June at Holocene; stay tuned for more info on that.

and in other news, we've invited a new contributor to the Monorail Blog family - he'll be introducing himself later on this week with his otherworldly sounds. fans of cosmic disco and deep edits and weird gear, look out.

that's all for now. i'm off to finish the second half of this really confusing Godard film... anyone wanna help make sense of this?

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