Monday, December 22, 2008


been pretty quiet here while we've been traveling. there's so much to write about, but i'm stressed to the gills right now, so i'll make this a quick post and give you all a fuller update soon...

the videos below are the work of Norman McLaren, a very early animation pioneer. cool stuff. my suggestion: mute the sound on the videos, and play the corresponding track in the player. while some might call it sacrilegious to do so, i'd like to think McLaren himself would appreciate the recontextualization (is that a word?), and frankly, these tracks sound way better than the audio on each of the videos. as a dj, i don't really have any use for purity anyhow ;) enjoy:

Norman McLaren - Dots (1940)

Octet - Euro vs Dollar (Pilooski edit)

note: Pilooski (Cedric Marszewski) is one-half of Discodeine. the other half is Benjamin Morando (aka Octet and Pentile). go figure.

Norman McLaren - Boogie Doodle

The Units - i-Night

note: The Units are rad.

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