Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cold yet sparked

the party on Friday at B Side Lounge Cleveland was excellent, as was the one previous in Kent last Wednesday. big big thanks to Mike Filly and skaSean, respectively, for setting those up for us...

since then we've been tinkering around in Howlermonkey's studio in Cleveland, working on some freshness, and of course partying a healthy amount - thanks to Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and an energizing malt liquor that conveniently leads us to the following:


LOL BONUS: HOT GOSSIP dancing to '#1 Song In Heaven'!!!

ahhhem. sorry about that. i've been on a Sparks kick after throwing on one of their songs the other night. apparently they're playing LA in February (road trip?)... you can easily track down waaaaay more info on them all over the internet if you were into those clips above.

we hit Chicago on Friday, so look out.

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