Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm only Human

so this isn't the most off the street hot new music at all. shit, it might not even seem to fit in with the rest of the posts but eff it. the fact of the matter is when i first heard of Zo! and Tigallo, i was really excited. i mean two young black men from Detroit doing remakes of 80's classics - whats not to like about that formula? i don't know what happened but they took a quick detour from my interest until last Saturday when i made a solo trip out of Vegas to get my head straight for a few hours. prepared to space out with my favorite tools of enlightenment and inspiration, the latest HVW8 podcast and a joint, i drove and drove until i heard it. it was Level 42's Something About You, but with vocals, and production not unlike a Platinum Pied Pipers or Sa-Ra track. if you don't know the original play the vid, if you do enjoy Zo! and Tigallo.

Zo! and Tigallo - Something About You

oh and just because i'm feeling extra smooth here's a bit of Sa-Ra Creative Partners
Sa-Ra - Hollywood

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