Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pushing past...

with obvious apologies for my flakey and non-existent presence as of late, i thought i would approach you with a few pretty olive branches in hand to try and shake you from your mirror-rehearsed angry reaction to my sudden reappearance.

it won’t happen again baby.

first, i thought i’d like to start with a new track that’s been my internal soundtrack as of late: a collab between dubstep recluse, Burial, and guilty pleasure, Four Tet, “Moth” (above) creeps in like morning on an all-night cross-country drive when everyone else in the car is asleep and you’re left to yourself and your shitty truck stop coffee. extremely rare to find in its physical form (in the US), this 12" has quickly shot to the top of my want list and could be a candidate for international ordering status...

this picture is for you too.

accompanying that minimal treat is my much self-scrutinized, ”Gettin’ Over Mix”, the result of an idea and feeling for a Sunday morning congregation that involves you & your friends, something to nosh, a cocktail or two, the sun, and the sounds of the Monorail taking you there. i did my best to try and capture our wide spectrum (Remy, MDY and i) in a quick 30-minute mix. all vinyl. all one take. enjoy:

Standing 8 - "Gettin' Over" Mix

...and if you’re not too mad at me, i’ll be playing this Friday the 15th in the third installment of Hall of Records Presents: Wax Broker Riot with fellow audiophile DJ Clearance Duffy.  our third outing at the wildly eclectic It’s a Beautiful Pizza, boasts more record dealers, guest DJs, and co-founder Justin Meyer’s birthday. a solid growing concept that’s part dance party, part record sale and all that. come down, drink the kool-aid and be a believer.


Hall of Records said...

Love the Mix! Can't wait for tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entertaining me.