Tuesday, March 24, 2009

brash & vulgarrrrr

i don't know if you're keeping up, but i sure am, and today is March 24th. that means In Flagranti is releasing their sophomore full-length, Brash & Vulgar. go check out all the little promo videos for it on their homebase at Codek. yowza.

just last week i received their contribution to the "RVNG of the NRDS" series - four jacked edits of discofied rock and rockified disco. unfortunately for you, its all sold out at the RVNG site, but you can probably dig it up somewhere... here's a cut from that:

Petite Storm - Stahl Rig (In Flagranti's RVNG of the NRDS edit)

and while i was ripping that, i had this Tussle 12" handy, and figured i'd let it out as well. its the A side to the release of the same name. they're touring with Ratatat in April, but not through Portland. maybe next time around we can change that?

Tussle - Here It Comes

and finally, while we're getting vulgar with In Flagranti: all last night and this morning i've been jamming this *super sleazy* mix by Lovely Jon on Sweden's Service Records "radio" page. dripping wet with phone sex ads and porno clips, its a romp through vintage exploitation film soundtracks. get it on here.

EDIT: LOLOL @ Jarvis Cocker's SKIVVIES!!

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