Friday, November 14, 2008


i stepped out for a drink or three last night with Malachi, and nearly everyone i spoke to mentioned the party tonight... the buzz is there, the vibe is in the air, and i feel a good one coming on. don't miss out, its our 2nd-to-last!!

sadly, our pal Flufftronix will not be making it out tonight, but that means longer sets with our guests Malachi and neOn, and more quality time with us.

and yes, our "So So Daft" set will be both amazing and ridiculous. we'll be playing DP originals, remixes, remixes of theirs, and the tracks they sampled from to create theirs - like the classic cosmic jam below, Cerrone's 'Supernature', sampled to create 'Veridis Quo':

Cerrone - Supernature

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malachi said...

dam.... i'm donzo!!!!!!!!!