Wednesday, November 5, 2008

in light of recent events...

...the Monorail Riders are now committed to single-handedly turning the US economy around so that shitty jobs, cheap rent, and a disdain for materialism can once again (sic) provide people with a carefree lifestyle of music, art, travel, and fully-lived experiences.

join our cause, and keep the economy moving, by buying one (or several) of our tee-shirts - hand-screened by Improperazzi's Jon Solo himself, on sweat-free American Apparel.

here, the lovely Ashleigh demonstrates an appropriate color-pairing with one of the womens' tees with a solid print. click her photo to reveal one of the marble-printed tees:

(click for alternate print)

and here, Afghan Raiders' Mikey shows off his gradient-printed mens' tee. click his pic to see some detail of one of those marble-printed:

(click for alternate print)

to order, just email us at monorailriders(at)gmail(dot)com with your size (s, m, l only); quantity; mens' and/or womens'; and print preference (marble, gradient mens' or solid womens'). we'll send you our paypal info, you'll send us $15 per tee (free shipping for our friends in the US, and reduced shipping for everyone else!), and then we'll promptly send you the tee(s).

you can also grab yours in person by showing up to the next two ///RESTLESS dance parties on November 14th and December 12th, where we'll be getting a lot more than the economy in motion...

all proceeds will re-enter the economy via synth purchases, sushi, or cheap booze... i mean, our tour expenses... together, we can pull through these dark financial times, and in style. si se puede!!


Disconnection - Cash Money

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